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Miss Venezuela

The competition of Miss Venezuela rose in the year 1952, thanks to the initiative of the PANAMERICAN AIRWAYS. The intention of the contest was that to send to a representative Venezuelan to the first contest of Miss Universo that it would be realized that same year in Long Beach, California.
Beginning from that moment, the election of the most beautiful Venezuelan would annually be realized and the winner would compete to the Miss Universo. In 1955, the PANAMERICAN went beyond the rights of the contest to Reynaldo Espinoza Hernández. Owed to political problems and the absence of pleaders, the contest of Miss Venezuela was not realized in the years 1954 and 1959. In 1962, Reynaldo Espinoza Hernández surrendered the rights of the event to Ignacio Font Coll who entrusted to realize it beginning from that year. It was in 1962 when the contest for the first time was transmitted for television; besides that same year you created the Venezuelan Committee of the Beauty. At the end of the years 60, the Miss Venezuela had reached a tall level of popularity among the Venezuelans.
In 1968 it is transmitted for the first time the parade in suit of bath for television and in 1969, him draftsman Osmel Sousa, enters then to belong to the staff of collaborators of the competition. In 1970, Ignacio Font Coll believes OPPA Publicidad that it was the predecessor of the actual Organization Miss Venezuela. In that ten of the setentases, Osmel Sousa was entrusted to recommend his run favorite that subsequently they were appropriated some crown, and besides as designer of the suits of frill was inaugurated for a lot of the participant.
Miss Venezuela

In 1979 the big international triumph came for the organization, when Maritza Sayalero is turned into the first Venezuelan in to reach the title of Miss Universo. In 1980, and thanks to the triumph of Maritza Sayalero, it was thought about serving as the Miss Venezuela a show was never realized as in the country. It is as Venevisión who transmitted the contest from 1972, nomination Joaquín Riviera as producer of the big show. In October of 1981 Ignacio Font Coll dies; the organization Cisneros is employed in front of the Miss Venezuela and nomination to Osmel Sousa as President.

Miss Venezuela Beginning from that moment, the Miss Venezuela reached a big level and international prestige, when the Venezuelans were brought the international crowns than competed it existed, or at least, they remained among the first finalists. In the ninety ten, the organization Miss Venezuela was listed more as the local enterprise success internazionale.Oggigiorno, the organization Miss Venezuela has in his possession around 70 world crowns of beauty and an infinity of classifications in the different international competitions. Already in a new century, the continuous destination to be the same one: to continue to exalt the beauty of the Venezuelan woman and that the name of the country continues to emerge in all the angles of the world.
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