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Puerto Ordaz (Ciudad Guayana)

Built during 1952 as the supply base of the Orinoco Mining Company, from where it embarked the iron towards the international markets. Puerto Ordaz is nowadays one of the more modern city and with the greatest growth in the country. Being, without doubt, the best planned city in Venezuela. In this mighty city there are the most important companies operating and producing iron and aluminum, main products for export after petroleum. From the union of San Felix and the industrial zone of Guayana borns Ciudad Guayana during 1961.

Others of the most important industries of the region and the country are the electrical one. Counting Guayana City with the hydroelectric power station of the Guri, the second greater dam of the World. In this city occurs the union of the two more important rivers of the country, the Caroní and the Orinoco, creating a denominated zone called Caronoco in honor to its confluence. From one of the bridges that joins Puerto Ordaz with San Felix.

Puerto ordaz

Among the greatest attractiveness whereupon the city counts there are the Cachamay park and the Drizzle La Llovizna, where exotic and imposing cascades can be observed, and to enjoy the showy vegetation and the beautiful path found in both parks, in which you will be able to enjoy very relaxing times getting together with the nature