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Porlamar is the biggest city of the island Margarita. Also not being us void of particularly interesting under the tourist profile, it is signalled for the nighttime life and for the places that are found in the city.

Porlamar in fact, and the city more equipped to receive the hordes of tourists that invade the island margarita, especially in the periods of tall season.
During the periods vacation of the Venezuelans in fact, that am August, the last of the year and pasqua, the island is literally taking of assault.


Night-life becomes with its places very animated, assembled above all to porlamar.
Very difficult E' to give to you a map of the most famous places of the island, because they open of of it new to every season for then to close. The only true constant of the night-life is the Senor Frog, in which we warmly recommend to you to pass an evening, also only for the animation coninvolgente that it is lived.

We also remember the country house, very beautiful and parish priest, in which you can spend an evening.

Two enormous commercial centers exist, also where you can practically find of everything.

The city dista however only 20 minutes from Play el Agua, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island Margarita, and it is comfortably reached in taxi.