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Merida rises from an expanse of terrestrial alluvionata called Flat " Mesata " that is extended among two parallel rivers.
Brief history
Pico EspejoThe ciudad de Santiago de los Coballeros de Merida was founded in 1558 by Juan Rodriguez Suarez to that epoch under the Colombian jurisdiction. It was alone in 1777 that Merida entered to belong to the Venezuela,il long bond with Colombia it is still perceivable among the gente,nella crop and in the language. In 1812 an earthquake hits Merida almost all devastating the buildings and it braked the development of the country isolating so Merida from the other countries.
During the Federal wars of half Eight hundred the isolation of Merida the surrenders desirable to a big number of fugitive that will dictate so beginning to the urban development.
The transformation of Merida from small urban center in great city solo is had in the last years when you/he/she has reached to also expand himself/herself/themselves beyond the rivers.

The modern city
Teleférico de MéridaE' a city of 230'000 inhabitants, enjoys of a mild climate with a temperature of 19°, the tourist season it reaches the peak between the end of July and the beginnings of September as well as to Christmas, carnival and Easter.
There are numerous tourist structures, that can be climbed on the teleferico from where all the mountain, can be contemplated to visit the PARQUE Los CHORROS DE MILLA, that entertains a small zoo with local fauna, the museum DE CIENCIA Y Technology that is a museum of natural history and technology on the fauna,terremotie geology. Besides you can visit ilPARQUE JARDIN ACUARIO where the fishes can be seen typical of Venezuela.

Merida offers a series of activities; la rampicata on the rock, the birdwatching and the rafting.
They are also there different nighttime funs the most famous place it is Alfredo's Bar other places I am live the Biriosca Carioca the Camerino,invece as music we will be able cosigliarvi the Abadia, Habana Kawy.