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Margarita island

Margarita, Coche and Cubagua Islands conform the smallest Venezuelan state called Nueva Esparta, its capital city is La Asunción founded in 1565. It has been the strategic center of Margarita Island, which has a 950km2 surface and a population of 350.000 inhabitants. It is located in the inner part of the island, just enough to make it inaccessible to the pirates and to complicate the attacks of the indigenous Caribbean rebels.

Before the Spanish conquest, Margarita, the same as the smaller Coche and Cubagua islands, which are located in front of its coast, had strong relations with the ferocious Caribbean indigenous and the peaceful Arawaks and Guaiqueries, first inhabitants of the area.
At the present time it is the political headquarter of the state. La Asunción is characterized by maintaining its colonial houses and we must highlight that here we can find the second oldest Church of South-America and Santa Rosa's Castle, moreover, it is surrounded by one of the two National Parks of the state, THE CERRO EL COPEY NATIONAL PARK

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The most famous religious place is at El Valle del Espiritu Santo, where is found the Virgen del Valle sanctuary, the chapel where the Margarita's and all eastern part of Venezuela's patroness image is at. According to the legend a Guaiqueri indian found the Virgin's beautiful image in a hillside by the town. The enormous devotion to this Virgin is evident at The Diocesan Museum, which was built to keep the incredible volume of offerings that have been accumulated along many years. Very close to it we find Santiago Mariño's native house, where one the most important Venezuelan heroes was born.
Porlamar is usually the first destination for most people, founded March 25, 1.536; it was initially a quiet fishing town, that became a dynamic city of 150.000 inhabitants, with wide boulevards, full of good restaurants, hotels for all budgets, luxurious casinos and a very attractive night life. Porlamar main activities are tourism and commerce, therefore streets like Santiago Mariño and 4 de Mayo avenues are full of stores that sell everything, from a French perfume to local production t-shirts. The beaches that highlight in this city are LA CARACOLA and PLAYA BELLA VISTA.
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Its beaches are the biggest charm of Margarita - there are more than enough -, and due to their extension every visitor falls in love as stands in front of its waves. The better known ones are located at the north side of the island, PLAYA EL AGUA and PLAYA PARGUITO are the most visited, both of them are very extense and are connected each other, also with small and continuous waves, where the visitors can enjoy a good surfing session. These are the beaches with more tourist potential because of their facilities and the bunch of beautiful girls that enjoy their sun daily wearing daring bathing suits. Behind the airport is located El Yaque Beach, one of the fastest beaches in the world for those who love sailing sports such as winsurf and kitesurf.
Following the north-west route and a few minutes from El Agua Beach, the landscape changes and the beaches turn into smaller bays at the base of the cliffs that surround the highway, there we get to fishermen towns and their beaches that have the same name like Manzanillo and Guayacan. Following the same road and without straying, we get by Constanza's belvedere, where a relaxing and paradisiacal marine view is appreciated in front of a calm blue sea. It is worthy to take some minutes to contemplate it.
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The next more important city in the western coast of Margarita Island is Juan Griego, famous for its beautiful sunsets, as well as Caribe Beach. Leaving Juan Griego and on the way to The Penisula de Macanao, you can enjoy a pretty car ride and enjoy the Taguantar coast, that offers a relaxing and paradisiac view from where you can watch the distant mountains of the Peninsula de Macanao.

Between Margarita and the Peninsula de Macanao we find La Restinga National Park, it is worthy to take half-day and enjoy its romantic mangroove channels and watch the birds that inhabit there.

For the younger ones, Margarita has thematic attraction parks like Parque El Agua, Diverland and Waterland, in the last one you can enjoy the unique experience of swiming with dolphins

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