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Los Roques park

Parque los roquesLos Roques Archipelago, is the biggest park of the Caribbean Sea, one of the most important marine fauna reservoirs. Located at 128 kilometers (77 nautical miles) from the north of La Guaira, this archipelago possesses 60 keys (islands formed by coral reefs) surrounded by the most crystalline waters in Venezuela, and it is becoming, quickly, in one of the strongest tourist attractiveness in the country.In spite of its recent popularity, Los Roques continues being a very calm and intact place, because it has been protected as a National Park from 1972. The archipelago occupies more than 225.000 hectares, that makes of it one of the most extensive reservations in the Caribbean. Its pure and white sands hardly rise above the turquoise and emerald color water surface.

Around 40 of the islands that conform the archipelago are not that big to have their own names. Other sand, rock and coral tiny keys only appear on the surface, when the tide lowers. All the inns in Los Roques, are very simple, picturesque and with a great warmth, where you can enjoy an excellent attention, good food, a lot of tranquility and stupendous walks that are organized by the inn owners. It is ideal for aquatic sports lovers, where they can enjoy activities as Winsurf, Kitesurf, waterski, snorkeling and diving

The climate is that of the islands Carabaiche with temperature 28°33°.
To visit the archipelago is necessary to pay a tax of 15 Dollars because it makes part of the National Park that depends on the Federal District.
Parque los roques In the past the archipelago is exploited by the Indioses for the great resource of fish, while during the colonial period has been only destination of berth for I marinated, pirates, explorers, deriving sopratutto from England and from the Dutch Antilles ninth without of them has
Parque los roques

retained advantageous to install here,only in 1871 the fishermen of the island Margherita they were acknowledged the abundance of fish and they moved you to big number.

The island pricipale is Gran Roque that is the only island with different thick rocky humps: bluffs that go down almost to peak of the sea.

The activities that can be done are a lot of: snorkelling, underwater immersions, sporting fishing, wind surf and excursions with sailboats or you can relax us catching the sun white beaches that cleaning up are numerous and uncontaminated.

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