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Gran Sabana

Gran Sabana - Gran Sabana Adventures - Waterfall - Gran Sabana National park
Is a vast wild, beautiful and silent zone that is almost entirely extended along the south-oriental edge of the Venezuela,racchiusa within the confinements of the Parque Nacional Canaima.
The alone city of the region is Saint Helen de Uairen, next to the border with Brazil. The rest of the population is lost in villages and small agglomerations of houses.
The most unusual characteristic of the Gran Sabana is constituted by a series of gigantic mountains by the flat top said TEPUIS.
Gran Sabana - Tepuy
Very suggestive they are easily the numerous attainable falls from the principal road.
Up to not a long time ago, the Gran Sabana was practically inaccessible.
The stada that connects El Dorado and Saint Helen has been finished only in 1990 and today it is one of the bestest and spectacular government of the country.
To move in the Gran Sabana is not very simple, sees the shortage of half public, that besides circulate only on the main roads. During the moves it is advisable to bring great quantities of insectifuge to defend from the jejen, a very voracious gnat above all during the morning and late afternoon.
Gran Sabana
Among the most fascinating places to be visited, the Jump Aponguao is one of the most suggestive and photogenic falls of the Gran Sabana ,anche if not very easily attainable. Here the inhabitants of the place offer summary setups in their huts and they prepare not particularly elaborate meals, besides bringing the tourists on the opposite bank of the Rio back Aponguao to edge of the typical canoes and to furnish guides to go to the fall.
A well suitable path goes down up to the feet of the fall, where possible to make a bath in a series of natural swimming pools is and to go off splendite photos.
Other characteristic place, Kavanayen, is a lost village in the heart of the Gran Sabana risen around to a mission founded by the Cappuccinis, that it enjoys of a position spectacular place on top of a small mesa surrounded by Tepius.
Continuing on the road that unites EL Saint Dorado Helen, three falls they are met: the Jump Kamà, the Quebrada Pacheco and the Jump Yurvani, enchanting places to be photographed.
To the border among Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil one are found some greatest and tallest Tepiuses the Ronaima, the first relief attavolato to be climbed and still object of numerous searches from the botanists.
Salto Aponaguao

This is the easiest mountain to climb, even if is drawn however not of an excursion neither easy brief ne'; it requires in fact at least 5gg, an equipment for the camping and provisions.

gran sabana animals Between San Francisco and Saint Helen is found the fall Quebrada De Jaspe, made extraordinary by the intense color red orange tree of the rock of pure diaspro on which flows the water.
gran sabana animals
Continuing is arrived to the only city of the region: Saint Helen De Uairen, a calm town of frontier with a climate gardevole and an atmosphere due carioca to the consistent number of citizens that comes from over the border with Brazil.

It is the highest Tepuy in the Gran Sabana, with an altitude of 2.800 mts. (9.000 feet) over the plains; Kukenan (Matawi) is its twin. Both of them are in the limits of three countries: Guiana, Venezuela and Brazil. Its waters are tributaries of the three biggest rivers of the continent: Orinoco, Amazonas and Esequibo.
The legends of the aboriginal indigenous Pemones describe Roraima as the mother of all waters and the house of vile spirit, the grandmother of all men.
On the surface of these tepuyes adventurers and scientists have discovered species of plants and animals, which were considered extinct or that had never been seen. It is an ideal place for those who are in search of adventure and want to go into a natural and mythical world, as well as for those who like mountaineering. While it is climbed and ascended, it is unavoidable to merge oneself with an unknown and intact world in time, captivating you to the beginning of the creation.
The ascent over the tropical forest to one of the most virgin Tepuys on earth, is one of the most exciting and exotic ascents in tropical America. It begins at the tiny indigenous town of Peraytepuy in La Gran Sabana. One starts ascending by the sand stone cliff until arriving to a stretching, well-known as la rampa (the ramp), where we disappear in the cloudy forest at the border of the abyss of the steep hill.
gran sabana
Finally the peak is reached discovering the lost world of pillars of stone eroded in time and shaped by the rain and the wind, where bromeliads, carnivorous plants and endemic orchids are plentiful. Isolated from the world plants and animals adapting to a changing world in solitude evolved of under of the big cliffs, Finally, it is the house of the mining toad (one of the most poisonous of the world) and of a vegetation which is rich in species that are not found in any other part of the earth
Angel Falls

The Angel Falls, a waterfall in the southeast of Venezuela, is located in the Churun river, which flows to the Carrao. It is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, fifteen times higher than the Niagara Falls; its fall from the Auyantepuy plateau is of 979 mts., and it is located in the forests of the Guayana shield, inside the Canaima National Park. It was discovered in 1937 by the American aviator and adventurer James C. Angel, from whom it gets its name. The natives of the area denominate it Churún Merú
Gran Sabana - Gran Sabana Adventures - Waterfall - Gran Sabana National park