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Orinoco delta

Delta of the orinoco
The Delta Amacuro State is located at the northeast region of Venezuela and it has about 360 Kms. of coastal line along the Atlantic Ocean. Still, the visitors that have had contact with its natural beauties and the indigenous populations that inhabit this region are very few. Why? Except for about 120 Kms of usable roads for earth vehicles around the state’s capital city called Tucupita, its extensive highways system is of a fluvial kind, formed by hundreds of the Orinoco River pipes and arms.
The Orinoco is the eighth longest river of the world, the second one in the continent, after the Amazons and the widest of the world. With a length of 2.140 kms. and with outlets toward the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Orinoco River empties about 18.000 cubic meters per second of muddy waters into the ocean, adding about 44.5 meters of new land per year. The main tourist attraction of this region is represented by its ecosystem, the Waraos Indian population and the humid tropical forest.
The journey, either through the main river (Mánamo) or through its pipes, is a wonderful experience, and allowing the pure air coming from the shade of the jungle to invade

Orinoco delta - TUCUPITA - Delta Amacuro State
you is just delightful, this tropical humid forest shelters in its marshes the "mother palm", as the natives denominate the Moriche Palm from which they obtain the raw material to make handcrafts, baskets, handbags, hammocks and balsa wood figures among others. The best thing to do is listening to the sound of silence in the forest at night, when they turn off the electric plant engine, the combination of the background music brought by the jungle breeze while watching either the full moon or a fantastic starry sky is bewitching. It is an unique and worthy to visit destination. There are people that denominate this captivating landscape as an erotic and sensual place. Delta Orinoco indio
Capital of the State Delta Amacuro and of the Municipality Tucupita, it was founded in 1848 by people originating of Margarita island. This city experienced a great peak starting from 1933 thanks to the oil exploitation that stayed until beginnings of the decade of 1960. At the present time they have settled administrative, commercial services, sawmills and refineries of the near locations of petroleum, for what Tucupita concentrates 76.5% of the population of the state. It is located 110 km of the coast on the oriental bank of the pipe Mánamo, where it connects with the small pipe Tucupita that this runs in address and it ends in the Atlantic. Their geographical coordinates are 09° 03 ' 33 latitude N. and 62° 04 ' 05 longitude O. Distances to the city of Caracas, capital of the country is of 730 km
Orinoco delta - TUCUPITA - Delta Amacuro State