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Ciudad Bolivar

Ciudad Bolivar, is a town in colonial style, traquillamente abandoned on the river that flows her in the mean.
City Bolivar is one of the cities of the country that it contains more history in his streets, plazas and museums. Known anciently as Angostura (Narrowness), because situated in one of the places where the superb Orinoco is more narrow, has been the protagonist of varied battles and one of the first zones of the country to be freed by the Spanish domination during the war of indipendenza.Angostura it has been named in 1818 by Simón Bolivar, provisional capital de the republic and from this the Liberator pronounced the famous one "talked of Angostura" the February 15 1919, in which renouncement to the absolute powers that had been him granted and from the directives of as it had to have organized the dawning new Republic. Ciudad Bolivar

One of the most interesting visits in the City Bolivar is the house of St. Isidro, an ownership of the family Cornieles, that was frequented by the Liberator Simón Bolivar and where it prepared his discourse of Angostura.
Nowadays this house is a museum worthy of to see, practical witness of as they were the houses of the epoch and for the beauty of its gardens.
In the City Bolivar is where been engraved for the first time a newspaper in Venezuela, The Messenger of the Orinoco" in 1818. Currently this house has been turned as Museum of Simón Bolivar where, further to have the printer used for engraving the Messenger of the Orinoco, works of art of such Venezuelan artists can be observed as Tito Salas, López Méndez, Marisol Escobar, Alexander Otero, Cruz Diéz, Alirio Palacios and Ettore Poleo among others. Pieces of art anterior to the discovery of America and paintings rupestri.Uno of the most interesting places in this city has compromised it is also the Bolivar Plaza, where it is found, over the House of the Congress of Angostura, the Cathedral with his color salmon, the house where Manual Piar was secluded just before to be executed, the parish house and the house of the Governors of the colony. There is also the actual House of Government of the State Bolivar.
Another historical monument, however of back significazione to the independence is the Fortin Zamuro that it was conclusive for the victory of City Bolivar on the rebels and where the revolution been concluded liberatrice in 1903.
One of the most beautiful landscapes that it possesses City Bolivar are that of the River Orinoco, with his bridge Angostura (What it connects this State with the rest of the country), and his islands.
One of these islands were baptized for Humbolt as the " Orinocómetro " because it allows to appraise the height of the waters. In the photo that we show, gone off in the period of the rains,it is seen of little height. During the drought the island can come to hold up to 18 meters high above the level of the river instead.

One of the institutions that it possesses City Bolivar, of which you/they would be city as Paris or New York proud of it are The modern museum of art Jesús Soto. We don't have to forget that this artist of the art I plasticize of world fame it is native of this city.
In 1972 it was inaugurated this Museum that possesses seven saloons and inside gardens with sculptures. We invite you to realize a minute visit to the Museum, where you can observe works of art and also some video of kinetic works of Soto.
For the lovers of the geology, the university of east has a geologic and mining Museum, in which fortresses can be observed and mineral of the Guayana and after all of the country. And ` also exposed a reproduction in staircase of the Bolivar mountain, from what the mineral one is extracted of iron and also utensils and ancient cars used for the extraction of the mineral ones
Cattedrale di Ciudad Bolivar
From Ciudad Bolivar some of the most interesting places in Venezuela are reached; from here they depart in fact, the greatest part of the flights for the Jump Angel, that is exclusively attainable with aerial ultraleggeri.