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In Venezuela there are different typologies of taxi; from those to which we are also accustomed in Europe, up to the collective taxis, that are of the minibuses that follow established runs. We say that in the great cities the service is best to pact that turns to us to the great companies. In the small cities it's possible that your taxi is an "auto " of the years 40'.
It is warmly dissuaded to use unauthorized taxi to Caracas and the airport exclusively using those that are found in front of the hotels.
The international airport You Maquita' of Caracas is situated to around 30 KMs by the center of the City. It is now reached comfortably nimbly the city in around one (out of the hours of point).
Taxi company from the airpot to Caracas centre:
Taxi Astrala
Transport from the international aeroportorto de Maiquetía.
Booking Taxi from any point of Caracas.
Corporative services.
Auto with choffeur.

Offer a qualified personnel and with our fleet of Pickup trucks Ford Explorer 2.001, so that she enjoys of a true executive service.

MASTER: (0212) 8605627 / 8608138 for more inforamtions contact Astrala:

Taxi Astala servizio di taxi all'aeroporto di caracas

Taxi Astala servizio di taxi all'aeroporto di caracas

Another taxi company is Movilenlace that offer this service:

200 unities of Taxi situated in the whole Metropolitan area
Service the 24 hours of the day
Payment credit card American Express, Sight and Master.
Lease of Vehicles with driver for day, and for times.
Central which works the 365 days of the year, the 24 hours of the day, where ours operative will respond to him to every time to solicit our services.
All of our unities are provisions
of a system of communication
(crew of radio transmitter).

Head office: Esquina Teatro Caracas a Puente Anauco, Edif. Doral Caracas, Mezzanina 1, Local 30. Caracas. Venezuela.
Phone: Master (0212) 5770922 / 5773344
(0412) 9835838 (0414) 3049410
Other informations:

Another taxi company is Teletaxi with this service:

Bookings for the airport of Maiquetía and from this to whatever place
Bookings toward and from the Central Coast road, Guarenas, Guatire and the Tall Mirandinoses
Service for times or for days.
Service of domicile taxi the 24 hours of the day
Special services (weddings, events, etc.)
It travels to the whole national territory
Unity of accord to his necessities, with conditioned air.
We offer the greatest safety and trust to the passenger
We accept checks conformables
We have unity distributed in the whole city, guaranteeing him/it that there is always one next to his domicile. Centrale operativa
Head office: (0212) 753.9122 / 753.4155

Phone numbers: (0212) 753.4146 / 753.9340 / 753.9740 / 753.4046 / 751.9021
753.4246 / 753.9531 / 753.9404 / 753.9631 / 753.9204 / 753.9131

Mobil: (0414) 318.3772 / (0414) 3183773
(0416) 6109781 / (0416) 6109782

teletaxi servizio taxi in caracas