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Reaching Venezuela

Flights to Caracas are readily available from the US and the UK. From Australia and New Zealand, round-the-world tickets may be the cheapest and most flexible option. Flying into the country from other South or Central American destinations can be problematic and/or very costly. Be sure to research your options thoroughly. The international departure tax is US$21 (US$39 if you've stayed over a month).

Entry by sea is possible via the US, where travelers can take a cargo ship from one of several ports on the Gulf of Mexico. Alternatively, ferries run from the Lesser Antilles, but there is no longer any service between Venezuela and the Netherlands Antilles.

By land, there are road connections from Colombia and Brazil, but not from Guyana. Travelers planning to use the dangerous El Amparo de Apure-Arauca border crossing or the Puerto Páez-Puerto Carreño crossing into Colombia should consult their embassy to assess the security situation. Colombian guerrilla attacks on Venezuelan army posts resulted in a confrontational buildup of troops on both sides of the border in March 1995.