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Domestic political developments

Situation today..
Travellers to Venezuela should keep abreast of the latest domestic political developments. The government and various opposition forces, both political and institutional, are locked in a tense struggle that waxes and wanes - and is likely to continue to do so.
As a result, the country is occasionally pushed to the brink: demonstrations designed to close the country down, shortages of basic necessities such as oil and food, even violent confrontations. As the situation is changeable, it's best to seek the latest information beforehand and upon arrival. Current demonstrations have been organised for the 29-30 May, 2004.
Political events rarely touch the major tourist destinations, but the incidence of 'express kidnappings' is on the rise in the capital, Caracas. The western region bordering Colombia is rendered dangerous by the presence of Colombian rebels.
To hold adjourns you on the Venezuelan political situation it is advised to read the daily nazionanalis that are found in internet:
El Nacional
El Universal
El Tiempo