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Crime in Venezuela

The crime, as in all the countries of the American South area, it is in constant increase. Episodes of robberies are signalled against particularly travellers, mainly in the great cities as Caracas, as well as near the airport of Caracas.

In line of motto, out of the great urban agglomerations, there are no safety problems.

Particularly in the airport of Caracas, to absolutely avoid to take unauthorized taxi. Spending more a po can be reached with all safety the place of destiny.
The taxis that depart from the airport, are recognized because they are all black jeeps with the logo of the company.
To reach the National airport from that International, can be gone afoot quietly. Don't get further, kind in the nighttime hours, from the airport terminals or from that of the taxis or bus.

As Caracas regards, we recommend to lodging in the most important districts, even if you will have to spend little more. In the subway finally, eye to your baggages or wallet.

It is recommended besides, if you desire to visit the city, to entrust to you to a tour, so you won't have to pay attention to the cheats.

Frauds are signalled in besides the cases in which the credit cards are used. Having also paid the maximum attention, it was happened me my cards cloned. For such reason it is advised to bring cash money or travellers cheque.