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Fligth connections with Venezuela

Fligth connections with Venezuela
Venezuela is connected with some of the principal European cities with daily flights, through the European lines, as well as those American and of the other countries of the South America.
KLM and airfrance offer flight connections with the best price.

Airports & airlines

Most international visitors arrive at CaracasAeropuerto Internacional ‘Simón Bolívar’ ( in Spanish) in Maiquetía, 26km from Caracas. Venezuela has several other airports servicing international flights, but these change frequently and unexpectedly. Isla de Margarita’s airport is used by charter flights bringing international package tourists, but few independent travelers fly in here.

Following is a list of national and international airlines flying to/from Venezuela (the addresses and phone numbers listed are in Caracas). Aeropostal is the country’s largest airline with the widest international coverage serving Bogotá, Guayaquil, Havana, Lima, Miami, Madrid, Port of Spain, Quito and Santo Domingo.

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Calle Guaicaipuro, Torre Hener 1-A, El Rosal; Chacaíto)

(0800-337-8466, 0212-266-1059;; 1st fl, Torre ING Bank, Av Eugenio Mendoza, La Castellana; Altamira)

Air Canada
(0212-993-4960;; Maiquetía airport)

Air Europa
(0212-951-1155;; 9th floor, Torre Europa, Av Francisco de Miranda)

Air France
(0212-283-5855, 0800-100-3459;; 2nd fl, Torre Este, Parque Cristal, Av Francisco de Miranda, Los Palos Grandes)

(0212-208-4120, 208-4111;; 5th fl, Edificio Atlantic, Av Andrés Bello, Los Palos Grandes; Altamira)

American Airlines (0212-209-8000;; 7th fl, Torre ING Bank, Av Eugenio Mendoza, La Castellana; Altamira)

Aserca (0800-648-8356; www.asercaair; ground fl, Edificio Taeca, Calle Guaicaipuro, El Rosal; Chacaíto)

Avianca (0212-200-5725;; Av Venezuela, cnr Calle Mohedano, El Rosal; Chacaíto)

BWIA/Caribbean Airlines (0212-953-6666;; 8th fl, Edificio EXA, No 803-4, Avs Libertador & Alameda, El Rosal; Chacaíto)

Continental Airlines (0800-359-2600, 0212-953-3107; El Rosal (Centro Lido, Nivel Miranda, No M-22, Av Francisco de Miranda; Chacaíto) Las Mercedes (Tamanaco InterContinental Caracas, Av Principal de las Mercedes)

Conviasa ( Maiquetía Airport (0212-355-2704); Parque Central (Map pp64–5; 0212-507-8866; 49th floor, Torre Oeste, Av Lecuna)

Copa Airlines ( Maiquetía Airport (0800-8267200) El Rosal (0212-952-2510; 6th floor, Centro Lido, Torre E, Av Francisco de Miranda; Chacaíto)

Cubana (0212-286-9890;; 4th fl, Edificio Atlantic, Av Andrés Bello, Los Palos Grandes; Altamira)

Delta Airlines ( Maiquetía Airport (0800-100-3453); El Rosal (0212-958-1000; 8th floor, Centro Lido, Torre E, Av Francisco de Miranda; Chacaíto)

Dutch Antilles Express (0212-232-0453,; 4th floor, Multicentro Paseo El Parral, Urbanización El Parral, Av Río Orinoco, cnr Calle 119)

Iberia (0212-284-0044;; 9th floor, Parque Cristal, Av Francisco de Miranda, Los Palos Grandes; Parque del Este)

KLM (0212-285-3333;; Torre KLM, Av Rómulo Gallegos, Altamira; Parque del Este)

Lan (0212-267-9526;; 3rd floor, Centro San Ignacio, Torre Kepler, Av Blandín, La Castellana; Chacao)

Lufthansa (0212-210-2111;; 1st fl, Torre Centro Coinasa, Av San Felipe 16, La Castellana; Altamira)

Santa Bárbara (0212-952-9658;; Miranda level, Centro Lido, Av Francisco de Miranda)

TAP Air Portugal (0212-951-0511;; Edificio Canaima, Av Francisco de Miranda, El Rosal; Chacaíto)

TACA/LACSA (800-100-8222;; 2nd floor, Torre C, Centro Comercial Ciudad Taman­aco, Av Ernesto Blohm, Chuao)

Varig (0212-202-2811;; 3rd floor, Centro Empresarial Los Ruices, Av Principal Los Ruices)

Australia & new zealand

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Another possible route goes via Los Angeles and Miami, and will cost much the same as those via Chile or Argentina, though you will probably need to change planes twice, in both LA and Miami. You can also fly to Venezuela through Europe – it’s the longest route, but not as absurd as it may sound. You can stop in London, Amsterdam or Paris, and the total fare may be comparable to or even lower than traveling via Los Angeles. Finally, you can buy a RTW (round-the-world) ticket that includes South America, or at least Miami, from where you can make a side trip to Venezuela.

The following are well-known agents for cheap fares:

Flight Centre Australia (133-133;; New Zealand (0800-243-544;

STA Travel Australia (1300-733-035;; New Zealand (0508-782-872; (


Air Canada flies from Toronto to Caracas. Tickets range from CA$500 to CA$1400 depending on time of year. Travel CUTS (800-667-2887; is Canada’s national student travel agency.

Netherlands antilles

Dutch Caribbean Airlines (DCA) flies between Caracas and Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. It also has flights between Maracaibo and Aruba and Curaçao, and between Las Piedras (Punto Fijo) and Curaçao. Aeropostal serves Aruba and Curaçao from Caracas. Aserca and Avior fly between Caracas and Aruba. Aerocaribe Coro has flights between Coro and Curaçao and between Las Piedras and Aruba. Expect to pay roughly US$120 to US$140 one way, and US$100 to US$150 roundtrip for any of the routes. Discount fares are available on seven- and 14-day roundtrip flights.


Aeropostal and BWIA fly daily between Port of Spain and Caracas (one way US$150, 21-day roundtrip US$205). Aeropostal and Rutaca fly between Porlamar and Port of Spain (one way US$110, 21-day roundtrip US$155).


Flying between Brazil and Venezuela is expensive. The Varig flight from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to Caracas will cost around US$840 one way and US$890 for a 60-day roundtrip. There are no direct flights between Manaus and Caracas, nor between Boa Vista and Santa Elena de Uairén.


Avianca and Aeropostal fly between Bogotá and Caracas (one way from US$200, roundtrip from US$300). Most flights between the two countries require you to fly through Caracas or Bogotá, regardless of whether this takes you out of your way. If you have sufficient time and are already traveling near the border it’s much more affordable to cross the border by land and then take a domestic flight from the first major border city to your desired destination.


There are no direct flights between Venezuela and Guyana. You need to fly via Port of Spain (Trinidad) with BWIA ($257 one way, $347 for a 30-day roundtrip).


Caracas is usually the cheapest South American destination from the UK, with prices for discounted flights from London to Caracas starting at around UK£250 one way and UK£400 roundtrip. Bargain hunters should have little trouble finding even lower prices. Discount air travel is big in London. Advertisements for many travel agencies appear in weekend newspapers, and in Time Out, Evening Standard and the free magazine TNT. Recommended ticket agencies:

Flight Centre (0870-890-8099;

Journey Latin America (020-8747-3108;

STA Travel (0870-160-0599;

Trailfinders (020-7937-1234;

Travel Bag (0870-890-1456;


The major US gateway for Venezuela is Miami, from where several carriers, including American Airlines, Lan and Aeropostal, fly to Caracas. Roundtrip tickets normally costs US$400 to US$600, but Aeropostal may offer cut-down airfares. Other US cities serving direct flights to Caracas include Atlanta (Delta Airlines), Houston and New York (both Continental Airlines).

STA Travel (800-781 4040; is one of the most reputable discount travel agencies in the USA.

Flight connections inside Venezuela:
In venezuela they operate numerous aerial lines, some you exclusively devote to tourist service, that offer connections aerial for any country of Venezuela, with some economic rates if you compare to those some European companies.
The principal aerial lines of Venezuela are:
Linea aerea
AIRCANADA 9934960/ 9936982 0800-1004918 aircanada
AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS 9513005 0800 1005655 aerolineas
AIR FRANCE 0800-1004970 0800-1004970 -1004971 airfrance
ALITALIA 2084111 2084111 alitalia
AIR EUROPA 9511155 9511155 aireuropa
AMERICAN AIRLINES 2098000 2098111 aa
AVIANCA 9533823 0800-100-50-22 avianca
AEROPOSTAL 0800-2376252 0800-2846637/ 616-3664 aeropostal
AIR PORTUGAL 9510931/ 9510511 9510931/ 9510511 tap
ASERCA 9533004 0800-6483656 asercaairlines
SANTA BARBARA 2421644 2044000 santabarbaraairlines
CONTINENTAL 0800-1003198 0800-1003198 continental
COPA AIRLINES 0800-8267200 0800-8267200 copaairlines
2869890 2869890 cubana
BWIA 9536666 9536433/ 0800-8592942 bwee
DELTA AIRLINES 9581011 9583953 delta
IBERIA 2840044 2840020 iberia
LACSA/TACA 9599790 2322467 taca
LAN CHILE 2679526 2679726 lanchile
LAN PERU     lanperu
LLOYD AEREO BOLIVIANO 9524385 95246013 labairlines
LUFTHANSA 2102111 2102111 lufthansa
MEXICANA DE AVIACIÓN 2866137/ 2867339 2852132/ 2853118 mexicana
VARIG 2022811 2022880 /2022800 varig
AEROEJECUTIVOS 9931984/ 9917942 9917942 / 9931984 aeroejecutivos
AEROTUY 7618043/ 7616231 7616231/ 7618043 tuy
AVENSA 9765184 9765353 avensa
AVIOR 9553822 9553811 aviorairlines
RUTACA 5760304 5760304 rutaca
LAI 3552322 3552733  
LASER 2020100 0501-5273700 laser
RUTAS AEREAS VENEZOLANAS 9512218/ 9517424 9512218/ 9517424  
CHAPIAIR 3551786 3551865  
TRANSAVEN 3551965 3551349 transaven
SOL DE AMÉRICA 2669518/ 2669059 2669518/ 2672424 sol_america
CONVIASA 0500 CONVIASA 0500 26684272 conviasa